Sunday, April 21, 2013

51 Days of Gratitude: Day One

Mrs. Bruce,

To know that there was hope for me somewhere out in this world, is the best gift I have obtained.  Thank you so much for creating a lifetime opportunity and change program.  I am a first-generation student that loves to learn, be in school, teach others, and help; but I didn't know what steps to take to keep going and succeed.  Because of you, because God put you here to be a help to others, I was and have been able to keep going, continue and someway, someday, I will be able to help others.  Just because you were there to push us forward, to motivate us, maybe not literally you were here, but with your initiative, you were able to help others!  Thank you, I am in complete debt to you.  I will go forth and do great things!

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