Monday, December 15, 2008

The Gift of Bridges to a Brighter Future

I am often asked, "How much does it cost to run the Bridges program?" It is easy to provide a dollar figure and to even break it down by student. However, it is more difficult to express in words or dollars the profound gift that is, "Bridges to a Brighter Future." It is a gift not only for the participants, but also for all those involved with the program. Teachers, Counselors, and Donors often communicate that they get more out of being involved with Bridges then they feel they could ever give. I too have found myself wondering how I got to this position. The place where you have the opportunity, each day to pour life into a young person. It is challenging and sometimes heartbreaking. However, the pure joys and triumphs outweigh the challenges. In the end we are giving something much greater than any amount of money can define. We are giving vision, hope, strength, determination, love, and support. Take a moment to view the testimonies below. They are our gift to you.