Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bridges Receives $100,000!

The Bridges to a Brighter Future program is going to be awarded $100,000 from The Graham Foundation to establish the Bridges to a Brighter Future / Graham Foundation Faculty Endowment for the Arts & Sciences.

As we work to plan the four-week program each summer, I work to raise money for various things like: the ropes course, college trips, weekend activities, t-shirts, etc.... However, what is most beneficial for the program is to receive funding to increase our endowment. The endowment is basically a savings account. Money goes into the savings account and interest is earned. We then receive money to run the program from the interest earned from the savings account.

This $100,000 gift will go into a new endowment that will permanently provide funding to pay for the Science and Art Teacher positions in Bridges. This is important because we did not have funding to support Science as one of your classes or Art a full-time class rather than an elective.

What is most important about this gift is that we got it because of all of you. We got it because of your impressive achievements, hard work, and commitment to Bridges to a Brighter Future. This is for YOU because of YOU.

I hope to share more good news in the coming weeks.

Thinking of you,
Mrs. Swartz

Monday, May 15, 2006

Words of inspiration to remember.....

When You Feel You're At Your lowest, Remember This: There is Nowhere To Go But Up!
"Robert H. Schiller"
I just want every one to remember that we all have hard times and hard moments. We have to stop and breath and realize that there is no reason to quit or to stop striving to do your best.