Monday, July 30, 2007

All good things must come to an end...

Bridges culminates each year with a banquet at which we recognize our graduating class. This year was particularly special because it was our 10th anniversary and former director Judith Chandler-Huse attended along with several other past graduates.
The students looked lovely and we enjoyed a formal dinner, followed by a speaker and an awards ceremony. Awards were given to 2 Valedictorians, 2 Humanitarians, 1 Chandler-Huse Scholarship recipient, and approximately 50 academic achievement certificates. In addition, we gave a new scholarship entitled the "Mrs. D" Scholarship (given by one of our teachers, Mrs. Duggan) and 2 Personal Growth Awards.

The banquet ended with a slide show and comments from the graduating class, the Iotas. Many tears were shed...
We LOVE you Iotas and we will MISS you!
The graduating Iota Class

The counselors

Our final week...

The 4th and final week is always filled with mixed emotions. It is typically the most fun week, as well as the saddest.

On Tuesday night we held our talent show. The talent show is a mixture of student acts and skits and finishes with the counselor skit recapping many of the funny moments from the summer. I am always blown away by how talented our students are.

Friday was our end of the year trip and we travelled to Carowinds in North Carolina. We spent the entire day riding the rides and swimming and sliding in the water park. For many students, this was their first time at an amusement park and their first time riding a roller coaster. We had a blast and returned late on Friday night - exhausted but happy.

At the park...

BLAST from the PAST

Saturday night was our dance but this year's dance was a little different - it had a 70's theme.

A week earlier, all 75 students and 13 counselors tie-dyed tee-shirts. The students put their own twist on their shirts by cutting off the sleeves or fraying the bottom. The counselors dressed in their best 70's attire, which included Afros, bell bottoms, and platform shoes.
We danced the night away to 70's music (with a few current favorites thrown in). The students even got to dress up like the Village People and perform the YMCA. The night ended with karaoke, hugs, and a new appreciation for the 70's.

The Counselors

In our tie-dye

A BUSY Weekend!

We ended this week with field trips to College of Charleston and Sliding Rock.

The Kappas and Iotas woke up early on Friday morning and traveled to Charleston to visit the beautiful College of Charleston. We took a tour, talked with an admissions representative, and ate lunch in their Dining Hall. Afterwards, we traveled 20 minutes to a local water park and spent the afternoon sliding down the slides and swimming in the wave pool.

In front of the CofC Cougar

The Lambdas also had a fun filled day. In the morning, they took a tour of Papercutters Inc. (here in Greenville) and ate lunch there. After lunch they traveled to Sliding Rock in Pisgah National Forest. Even though the water was cold, the students enjoyed sliding down the rock again and again. They finished off their evening with movies on campus.

The Lambdas touring Papercutters Inc.

At Sliding Rock

YIPPEE for a fun day for both groups!

Saturday was our annual car wash. Each class was at a different fast food location and it was impressive to observe the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment the students invested in this activity (it does not hurt that this was a class competition). Overall, the students raised $2,000!!! The money raised went towards our end of the year trip to Carowinds.

The Iotas are working hard

Our wonderful sign holders at the Kappa Car wash!


The counselors decided to keep the details of our 4th of July celebration a surprise and each counselor had their own version of what we would be doing
One counselor said we were going to Clemson...

another said to the Greenville History Museum...

and another said we were staying at Furman....
After class on the 4th, not knowing where we were going (and with lots of questions), all 75 students loaded into the vans for a 45 minute drive to the beautiful Pinnacle Falls Camp in the mountains. We played ultimate Frisbee and volleyball, had a water fight, swam in the pond, and played board games. The night ended with sparklers and ice cream. Several of the students said that this was their favorite 4th of July - SUCCESS!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

From everyone here at Bridges to a Brighter Future, we want to wish you a Happy 4th of July! The students are in for a special treat...let's just say that it involves a massive grill and over 150 hamburgers and hot dogs.

Field trips on Friday this week-more about that soon!