Monday, November 21, 2005


I know that you guys have a break coming up really soon and I just wanted to wish you guys the best and I hope that you have a relaxing long weekend! Just think, Christmas is on the way!
con amos,
kmf 11/05

Monday, November 14, 2005

Thought for the Week

"Fear is a green light to go."

Often our fears keep us from doing something we really want to do. For example, a Bridges student said to me, "I've always wanted to sing in front of people, but I have always been too scared to." Do not let your fears keep you from doing what you really want to do. Use your fears as a green light to go for your dreams!

Have a FANTASTIC week!

Important Information for YOU

The College Board has monthly newsletters for students. There are separate newsletters for each grade. Go to the website to obtain valuable information. Here are the highlights from the November newsletters:

  • How to Find the Time
  • Tip of the Month
  • Major & Career Profiles
  • College Costs: Sticker Shock Quiz

See more at:


  • Majors and Careers
  • Tip of the Month
  • Major & Career Profiles
  • How to Use the SAT Preparation Center™

See more at:


  • Financial Aid Myths
  • Tip of the Month
  • Where to Find Scholarships
  • Scholarship Search Online
  • Scholarship Handbook 2006
  • Financial Aid: Next Steps

See more at:

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Thought for the week...

The thought for the week is not a saying but a statement, "Use your voice!" You may already know about this website, but check out the Top Ten Reasons to Use Your Voice at

Reason #10: You can make a difference! Does that sound familiar?
Reason #1: Don't complain, do something!

So take a look at this website to see reasons 2-9. Have a great week and go forth and do good things!

Mrs. Swartz

Bridges Students In The News!

Hello to the young people who inspire me! It has been great seeing all of you at school! I am proud of your hard work and your good grades! I look forward to see those of you who I have not seen yet before Thanksgiving.

Some Bridges students have been in the paper recently. I know that I am missing a few pictures that have been in papers. I will obtain the pictures in a few days and post as soon as possible. Here are the pictures I have right now: